The road to success may be paved with good intentions, but we bring more to the party than that.

Large enough to handle any size project; we remain cohesive, bringing amazing benefits to clients because we have been able to maintain our culture. Due to this and the fact that we strategically match our team members experience and background to each challenge, we achieve spectacular results. OUR CLIENTS AGREE.


Our Research group delivers verified real-time information based upon titling and target lists generated by you or in conjunction with you and on the action plan created during our kick-off call. We deliver original research which includes Name, Title, Telephone and Email and Direct Dial when available. This information is sent to you daily so that you stay on top of the project, steering and redirecting, if necessary, as the project moves forward.

Candidate Development

Our Candidate Development team works in tandem with our Research group or as a stand alone service pre-qualifying candidates. Qualified, interested candidates are presented real-time with a resume and interview summary. Project summaries and call reports (including candidate status and intelligence gained) are delivered weekly. You can hire one candidate or ten – the only cost to you is our hourly fee. Our cost per hires are impressive.

Competitive Intelligence

Break ahead of your competitors opening in new markets. Know the latest industry compensation package standards. Check up on your competitors approach to specific markets. Competitive Intelligence projects are creative in nature and just plain fun.

cost per hire

Since 2002, we have delivered the highest quality candidates while keeping recruiting costs low, averaging well below 10%.  Click the listing to see a sample of AGR placements made and the related cost per hire.  They are real numbers and are pretty impressive.

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If you like these numbers as much as our current clients do, reach out to us! Pick up a phone, email or fill in the Contact Us below. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you about how we work and what we do.